Golden-domed Moscow

Do you know why the capital of Russia is called 'golden-domed'?

Like fire, with golden crosses quivering,

Its ancient domes gleam in the sun...

(A. S. Pushkin, Eugene Onegin)

Do you know why the capital of Russia is called 'golden-domed'? Moscow highest sky-scrapers' roofs are not golden at all! In fact, this popular nickname is quite old. 'Mother of the Russian cities' is a true stronghold of the Orthodox faith, a guardian city of the age-old Christian traditions. Even today Moscow still boasts nearly one thousand churches, cathedrals and chapels. In sunny weather their golden domes can be seen from almost everywhere. they are especially beautiful in fine weather, shining brightly against bright blue skies. If you have ever experienced this wonder, you will never ask any questions about this nickname!

Among the most famous historical monuments of the Golden-domed Moscow are the St Basil Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, Dormition Cathedral, Archangel Cathedral, Patriarch's Palace, Ivan the Great Bell Tower as well as the Twelve Apostles Cathedral. But the most famous cathedral of the golden-domed capital is the Christ the Saviour Cathedral built in honor of the victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1812 'to signify Our gratitude to Divine Providence'. Naturally, in the ancient times there were not so many churches and cathedrals in Moscow, but even then the golden domes were the hallmark of the Russian capital. Poets sand their beauty, historians described them and painters tried to reflect their awesomeness on the canvas.

Age-old history of the Orthodox Russia continues to live through the churches and cathedrals of the Golden-domed Moscow!

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